Process/Policy of Ewe Oogun Preparation

BRIEF BACKGROUND OF EWE OOGUN:  Ifa medicines/preparations can be a powerful ally in our own daily life and spiritual tool kit. Especially when combined with our own conscious effort to follow our taboos and work on transforming our own weaknesses and negativity, in combination with our willingness to change and develop as spiritual beings on earth. The Yoruba Ifa tradition and the Oral Ifa Divination Corpus has an ancient history of compounding organic materials (leaves, whole plants, roots, bark etc.,) into medicines that are called Ifa ewe oogun. These can be in the form of soaps, burnt powders, amulets, creams, put into honey, clear drinking alcohol, or taken in water; palm oil,  etc. They are used to counter negative situations we all face daily: for protection; drawing blessings; aiding in attracting money/influence/powerful people; opening psychically and cleansing the aura; aiding in gaining favor/position from others etc. Along with prayer and ebo offerings, the use of ewe oogun is widely used by the Yoruba and others, and has been for thousands of years.

CUSTOM PERSONALIZED PACKAGE:  Your personalized package will include the top 3-5 items as shown by divination that are needed in your life and will work for you the best. It is important to use the ewe oogun that will have the desired effect for you. Not every soap or medicine works the same on all people, Ifa ewe oogun is a highly specialized and meticulously detailed spiritual science and art, and divination is KEY to making sure the best product is given to the client.

I divine through a long list of plants/formulas in many categories until your final top 3 (possibly top 5) ewe oogun are shown. This is a very economical and comprehensive way of covering all the bases, materially, psychologically, spiritually, financially, etc. and I usually include a sample of a close contender for top place. Each ball of soap will be enough for 3-6 months use, some powders for 6 months to a year or more with normal use. Most ingredients I have already dried/prepared/compounded,; ready to be pounded or burned into the correct formula and base. I prefer to hand gather my ingredients-not buy from a market where others have handled and looked at them. Please realize that the procurement of the leaves, bark, roots etc in the bush (which are not always easy to find and in season), to the drying, grinding, burning, mixing with other items, and prayer, let alone the knowledge needed and the authority needed to be able to make ewe oogun, takes days and sometimes even weeks. In other words-there’s a lot of time and love that goes into these preparations from the first second my hand touches a plant in the wild. It can take a large bag of leaves to eventually dry down and hand pound  to make a cup of  powdered! The medicine is very potent in this way and able to hold a large amount of organic items, which is why I am always telling people a little goes a long way!

WHAT YOU NEED TO EMAIL TO ME:  Indicate on your order the first name of the person who will be using the soap (if not for yourself), the mother’s first name (used in prayers) and I will divine in each of the categories such as eyonu, owo etc. meaning for your favor/blessings/spiritual health/money/protection/hex removal/cleansing.  Feel free to write me what your own specific wish/situation is, how you normally make money i.e. direct sales, no contact with public,what avenues you have for financial blessings to arrive,  and I will divine to find the right fit.

I stand behind both my medicine and my work and the only way to do that is the RIGHT WAY, which is to take the time to DIVINE over the issue. There is also the possibility that your obstacles/blockages are coming from something that cannot be fully or successfully addressed with ewe oogun preparations, but by Ifa sacrifice to different Yoruba orisa/deities, and I will always be honest with you regarding this. Though these preparations can be used by anyone of any tradition, I do work within Ifa, so if I bring up the subject it’s because it’s possibly a better application of your money. Your success and happiness in life is my goal.

HOW MUCH AND HOW TO USE: I will send instructions with your package how to rotate your custom powders, soaps etc. Certain items are better used spaced further apart from others, for different reasons.

RULE NUMBER ONE: Don’t ever touch any ewe oogun item (unless you’re told it’s free from taboo) if you have had sex/intimate touching, or a woman on her period. You have to take a full bath before touching even the package, and be done bleeding before touching and using. Keep your items in the plastic tubs they came in, or put them in small glass jars, otherwise they will dry out but you can add a little water and knead it with your fingers back to softness. It’s better to keep them stored away from where others can possibly touch them.

RULE NUMBER TWO:  These are not “bath soaps”. You will take your regular shower first, wash/condition your hair, rinse etc, turn the water off and then use the Ifa soap. These are not made to lather up with crazy suds. They are concentrated and packed with powdered leaves, roots etc, and the main thing is just getting them on your skin. This black soap is not the normal store bought “african black soap” loaded with fatty shea like whipped butter. That is “beauty” soap, this is Ifa soap. I pound a special type of dry Ifa black soap base with small amounts of water, pound in a small amount of shea cake, adding ingredients and pounding until it is a homogeneous smooth soap. Some soaps may have small bits of fiber, but nothing that will harm your skin. I pray while I pound, using your name, your mother’s and asking for your perfect blessings.

RULE NUMBER THREE:  A little goes a long way! All you need to do is either rub a ewe oogun measurement for shower_optbit on the crown of your head (if only for your ori) or just make a few swipes up and down each arm and leg, a little on the shoulders, and this is using no more than 1/4 teaspoon! You won’t even need to use all of that. Make sure to turn the water off before picking up the soap/pinching off a bit, don’t let water drip from your fingers into the tub as it will liquefy it and turn it to sludge . You can stand there and shave, condition your hair, whatever, to allow a few minutes to go by, then lightly rinse. No need to stand there for 15 minutes. You can also leave the soap on your body and go to bed at night, or use a little lather rubbed between the palms and slicked on your crown through the hair, then go on ewe oogunabout your day. Unless you are told to only use in the morning or evening, you can use your soap at any time. If you have a type of “chronic” or emergency need, you might need to use the item/soap every day for a week or so, otherwise, once a week, once every two weeks, or every few days is more than sufficient, especially if you don’t take a full bath every day. Some powders you can take every day, I will explain everything to you in your package or in an email.


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