20 Beliefs I Live By

  1. There is one Supreme Creator. We live in an intelligent Universe created by a Supreme God (who wants us to be happy).
  2. The only Devil that exists are the bad choices we make of our own free will, or the bad choices others make of their own free will (and then must live with the consequences).
  3.  By believing in our Self (our Ori), we give God the power to assist us.
  4.  If we do not begin our day by loving and praising our Ori first (Yoruba “head”, higher self, knower and keeper of our Destiny) , we cannot truly see and love others, nor in turn be truly loved by others.
  5.  There is no reason to fear life. What can be changed can be changed, what we cannot change, we are given tools to overcome (if we look for those tools and apply them in our lives).
  6.  Our daily character and habits of how we treat your Self and Others, will return blessings if well applied.
  7.  We are all born with the need to feel and experience love, joy, happiness, and fulfillment.
  8.  Never strike or harm another living creature on this planet. People who do not understand Ifa, do not understand the role of animal sacrifice. To those people I say: offering up an animal to God and the orisa in seeking the health or even the life of a client, is vastly different than you tucking into a juicy steak dinner you yourself have cooked from an easily bought plastic wrapped hunk of meat at your local grocer’s. Hypocrites abound when it comes to satisfying their own dietary wishes with nary a thought as to the treatment of animals while alive, or the manner they are killed when “harvested” for their eating pleasure.
  9.  We need to Watch Our Words and Thoughts, as they contain our divine ase and can hurt or help others more than we know.
  10.  Honor and respect the elders around us – they have traveled the road of life longer than we have,  and most have wisdom to show for it.
  11.  When in doubt – pray. God will always show us the way through tough times.
  12.  When we believe we know what is at the heart of a situation, reflect again. Do not be hasty to make decisions or come to assumptions. Try to have an open mind and allow others to do the same. Backing off on making a hasty judgement and observing our own thoughts can do wonders in bringing insight and harmony with others.
  13.  People come in all colors, shapes and sizes yet we all appreciate most of the same things: love, the comfort of family, warm meals, shelter, kind words. Tolerance and diversity should go hand in hand.
  14.  We chose some of our life adversity before we were even born. Remember that when bringing out the crying towel for a pity party.
  15.  The earth is a sacred living energy capable of remembering all activities humans have carried out on her face, good or bad.
  16.  In order to be happy we must move in alignment and balance within the web of the Universe, in our life’s work, with our friends and loved ones, and move harmoniously inside the society we live in.
  17.   Ifa divination holds the energetic mineral, plant, animal and tonal means to align the threads of the Universal Web which encompasses and makes up all life. Making offerings towards our unique Odu needs, aligns us, bringing peace, prosperity, harmony and forward evolution.
  18.  “When you allow man’s decisions to touch you, you have given away your God-given power, You have to say: I don’t recognize man as my maker or my keeper, therefore, I do not respond to him.  Have faith in God and you will be rewarded.” (A dupe o Esu for that lesson). With God, Ifa, Esu and the Orisas, all things are possible.
  19.  With God (Olodumare) and Ifa divination, even death can be overcome.
  20.  By praying regularly to God, listening to our ori (our higher Self), and making offerings when needed, we will surely be guided towards our best destiny in life. Living a God-filled life is the means to living peacefully and dying peacefully.

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