​The Passage

Beads fall
across your face
pearl water drops
hidden dark beauty
radiant beneath
Queen that holds the iruke
Owner of all mysteries deep
I thank you
for dressing me in your clothes
Mo dupe O Mamae
Your body moves
glistening foam
steel blue
under moon
ships rock tossed
as you spray
salt fury
to the heavens
churning below
you roar undeniably
Who is foolish enough
to challenge you?
Centuries ago
the last step from land
your people
Mother of all Waters
your groans mix
with sobbing pleas
crying out to you
Deep water
deep water
sliding tipped sideways
smeared in
vomit mixed with tears
crossing the infinite
Mysterious Mother
children carried away
on your breast
crying mother
hoarse father
skin bloodied raw
from terror
beating boards
no escape
only the rise and
of ocean where
none had gone before.
Your promise your love
glows shining bright
night star
you hung
in the sky
closest star to earth
like a lamp
your people
sailing silently
womb imprisoned belly
of the ship
cargo wailing to the sky
who did not sink
who did not float
in grace
buried deep
in watery arms
weak steps on sand
while you kissed
their bodies quivering
deep water
you did not
abandon your children
what agony
cut you
to ferry them away
against your will
Olokun seri aje
we learn from you
vast Mother of wisdom
owner infinite and deep
Even Orunmila went to you
looking for all riches known
and unknown to man
Great Mother
bring peace now
upon your people
wherever they walk
on whatever land
carry us back
through the Akoko
though scattered far
bring peace of mind
and heart
Bring us hope
the ASE of goodness
riches, happiness
long life
and loved ones
to our hands
Please, bring us understanding
bring us wisdom so when old
we may wear crowns
on our heads
Ase Ase Ase oooo!

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