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With over 20 years of experience helping clients all over the world, I work as an Iyalorisa of the Xango tradition from Northeastern Brasil, and as Iyanifa of Yorubaland Nigeria. I use cowrie shells for divination, give spirit consultations/spiritual guidance as a spirit medium, make orisa ebo offerings and hand-compound ewe oogun (Ifa herbal preparations in different bases) to help restore inner and outer harmony in client’s lives. I offer cowrie shell divination in English and Portuguese. I can bring you fresh insight, answers and solutions to many problems and questions such as…

Crisis Situations;  Love and Marriage; Career choice, business and employment issues;  Spiritual Development and Life Purpose

Olokun, orisa olokun, cowrie shells readings, psychic readingsI genuinely enjoy helping my clients with their life challenges and assisting them achieve their goals. I believe that the goodness of our God Almighty and the orisa, independent of the names we have put on this Divine Energy, is available to all of us who open our hearts and minds, to bring enlightenment, peace, harmony and happiness. I only do that which is within God’s will and speak only what the orisa show is necessary and relevant to reveal.

Iyanifa Ekundayo Adele Ifamuregun, cowrie shells, ifa divination, cowrie shells readings, psychic medium, psychic readings WHO AM I?

My name is Iyá Ekundayo, Iyalorisa priestess and spirit medium of the Xango tradition, Nagô nation, initiated in the religious house Ilê Oxum Monjobe in Mangabeira, Pernambuco, Brazil. I am also initiated into the Ifa tradition in Yoruba land of Nigeria and offer ebo and also custom Ifa soaps/powders/amulets. The Xango religion has two lineages: that of the orisa and that of the spirits of the Jurema Preta. These spirits are greatly loved and revered in Brazil for their warmth, character, insight and powers. I am a fully initiated “Juremeira” and do work possessed by any of the 5 lineages of the Jurema Preta. For those of you interested in this work of spirit mediums and their spirit guides and needing assistance, please email me:

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cowrie shells divination, Ile-Ifa, ifa divination, Iyanifa, Babalawo, Babalao, orisa, yoruba,The cowrie shells are a favorite of mine as they get straight to the heart of our problems and allow us to see our life from a new perspective. Many times they show us that what we believe to be “the problem” is not the core issue at all! Cowrie divination can be an incredibly effective tool to blast through blockages, dead ends and grief, when one is not progressing in life, has specific troubles and urgent needs, problems in love or business, looking to reconnect with ancestors, develop spiritually and link with orisa (if you are a practitioner). Any and all questions and concerns are valid here-there is no prejudice or judgement and your personal issues are treated with the utmost privacy, care and respect. It doesn’t matter what religion you follow; it is certain you will receive advice and help.


Your divination corresponds to exactly what you need at that moment to resolve your issues, for spiritualmaterialphysical and mental alignment in order for you to be happy and achieve balance.  I start with unguided open throws allowing orisa to bring to our attention what they see  as your primary issues, along with giving me an understanding of you and any other people involved. If there is someone close to you in deep need of help, a reading can sometimes start with their issues before we are allowed to address yours. God and the orisa know what is the order of importance. We will unravel any knots in your life with repeated throws and discussion of all that is seen and heard, like an onion skin, layer by layer, until we reach final solutions. Readings focus on one or two questions/problems/issues in your life or of your loved ones, however, the reading naturally branches out into other areas as it progresses and we will have time to go there. 


In my experience, there are two types of clients when it comes to time/issues. Some people only want to know deeply about one issue, and maybe ask to look at one or two more areas lightly. We can handle this in a two hour reading. But many people want to hear what Ifa/the orisa have to show/say about all areas of their life, which is why I offer you the option of a 2 hour reading, or a 4 hour reading (plus, if needed). You would be surprised; there are clients who need a major head to toe realignment in all areas of their life, and I do, and will, work with you past the 4 hour mark if that’s what it takes. When I am giving you my time for these readings, it’s not about the money-it’s about getting you to a place of understanding with a plan in hand. These divination sessions are not just simple “Does He Love Me-Does He Love Me Not” chit chats. Be ready to open your self and soul up to self-awareness, self-accountability and hang on for a ride around the Universe where you’ll learn something new. I also like to give a “last call” towards the end of the reading, so any departed ancestors or deceased who have ties to you who have not already shown up, are aware that now is the time to come through if they wish to speak and make connection. It can take them some time to be alerted and approach, which is partially why I make divination sessions so long for their sake.

I am simply amazed by the variety and complexity of everyone’s lives, and I learn something new under the sun every time I throw for someone. Cowrie divination is an enriching, life transforming experience, and if you are willing to hear and heed the messages, it can change the course of your life forever. The power of God, Ifa and the Orisa is a wonderful and mysterious thing. We just need to step out of the way and let it come through and guide us.


Cowrie Shell Divination Reading
I charge u.s. $180.00 for a 2 hour + consultation (I won't just say "time is up" at 2 hours). Longer readings going deeply into every area of your life, the charge is $300 for 4 hours (plus, if needed). If we are knee deep in something at the 2/4 hour mark, I will see it through to clarity. Most of my clients express live or in an email afterwards: "this was the best reading I've ever had in my life! You covered everything, I have no more questions left!" I receive wonderful emails over the months and years from clients who confirm that everything we spoke of in their divination came to pass, in one form or another. I put everything I have into uncovering all aspects of your life and allowing the divine to guide. With most diviners you will get, at best, an appetizer, I deliver the full course meal, and dessert.


PAYPAL IS FREE, SAFE, SECURE, accepting Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express. You will be taken to the secure PayPal page during payment, then brought back to this site. You do not need to sign up for a PayPal account in order to use PayPal!



You will be sent instructions with your order confirmation. We can talk via SKYPE (my preferred and free for both, even on cell phone with an app). You can call my landline phone, or chat via Google Chat. As a rule I do not throw the shells at night, so keep in mind that I am on Pacific West Coast time. Please don’t email me with ANY details of your questions/issues. I prefer to start with open “cold” throws. You will be able to speak your mind and heart, ask questions, don’t worry, I just don’t want to hear anything  from “your side” until we are well into the divination and on our way.

On the day of the reading set aside plenty of time (no rush or appointments later etc.,), make yourself comfortable, relax, pray if you feel the desire to, have a glass of water at hand or something to nibble on, and we will take a journey together towards bettering and healing your life. I look forward to meeting and sharing with you!!


Ile Ifa Osun Monjobe, orisa, orisa Oxum, orisa, Osun, Ochun, macumba, psychic readings, psychic, psychic mediumIt is called “owo merindinlogun” or “erindinlogun” in the Yoruba language, “o jogo dos buzios” in the Brazilian diaspora, and” los caracoles” in Cuba. Originating in the traditional land of the Yoruba people situated in modern day Nigeria, it is part of a religion, philosophy, worship and divination system known as Ifa which comprises not only the use of 16 cowrie shells, but also a divining chain known as opele which uses 8 seed pods, and also 16 four-eyed palm nuts called ikin.  Though the spelling of the names of the orisa divinities change from country to country, and some of the food offerings and rituals are different, there is an amazing overall cohesiveness to orisa worship and divination in the diaspora. The lovely Iyalorisa possessed by Osun in the photo is my Spiritual Mother, Iya Mae Consuelo, one of the greatest examples I know of orisa in action on earth, who guided me, and midwifed the birth of all my spirit guides of the Jurema Preta, as well as my orisa. It was she who handed me the keys to being prepared to run my own Ile-Ifa, I owe her the total love, respect and honor that she deserves as one of the great elders and giants in true old school orisa tradition. Eu Te Amo Mae!


Please be advised that by law I must legally state that cowrie shell readings and/or spirit consultations are for entertainment purposes only and you must be 18 years of age or older.  Any actions/decisions taken by you from advice given during the session is entered into on your own volition and risk, I cannot be held responsible for your actions stemming from these readings. I cannot legally diagnose medical conditions or give medical advice. You must seek professional help. The cowrie shells, however, allow the orisa to pass messages to us on these issues, and you are fully responsible for undertaking any of the guidance offered. Please be advised I am not allowed to give predictions on death.

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