Yoruba Glass Waist Beads 4 Strands Osun Dark Gold 4 Yards

Yoruba Glass Waist Beads 4 Strands Osun Dark Gold 4 yards
Authentic and straight from Yorubaland, add-a strand-Yoruba waist beads with brass clasps to delight your husband or lover. Dark metallic gold. Loop them around your hips/waist and get the look of 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 strands, depending on your size. 4 yard total. You can always take them apart and wear separately but they are approx. 36" long so your waist must be smaller than 36" if worn separately. That is the genius of add-a-strand, you can get many combos of sizes by clasping them all together. Wrap 5 times@27", 4 times@34", 3 times @46-47", 2 times@72" Measure yourself to know your hip and waist size. As long as your waist size is a bit smaller than any wrap size and hips larger than any wrap size, they will fit. Each bead measures about 1/8", they will fit nicely under jeans and the brass clasps are very sturdy. Each set comes in a cotton filled gift box. Don't miss these, they are a very nice color bead.
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