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“This was, by far, the most interesting and eye opening reading I have ever had. She insisted on starting with a cold reading with no background information in order to uncover the heart of the issue which, in itself, is very impressive. Most people that do readings require information to help them navigate the reading and try to guess what a person wants to hear. Not so here. Iya then moved forward and described people in my life with jaw-dropping accuracy. She would tell me her raw impressions and visions and admit that it made no sense to her. She would insist that I just hear her through until she got it all out with no feedback. Again this just confirmed to me she is authentic. Only when she was done did I tell her what it meant. My question was answered in a very definite way with a lot of backing and assistance from someone who has passed on. This reading has left me so confident and secure. To look at the big picture and not pay attention to little details that would distract from the final outcome. A positive and absolute “YES” was given at the end to stick to a certain path that I thought was lost and was about to give up on. I simply love this woman. She is warm, authentic, blunt and honest. You will be impressed and astounded by a reading from her.”
~P.R.S., USA

“I have been to psychics and mediums for years. Never in all the years that I’ve had readings had someone blown me away the way Ekundayo did. She described to me, both in physical appearance and personality-wise, key people in my life. She was so specific that she even pinpointed when the event that I was calling about happened. The reading started as a big picture story and later zeroed in on the details and actors. The more she talked the more she delved into situations that no one knew about except for me. It was as if she was reading to me the very private script of my life. While I’d always regarded readings as “fun,” this reading was different. This was an enlightening event. Ekundayo and Esu will provide you with a life changing experience if you are willing to heed what they say. As impressive as telling me my own story was, by far the most important part was her ability to guide me towards a solution to my problem. Not only will she give you an insight into what is really occurring in your life and but also help you overcome your difficulties. I trust that she will be the answer to your prayers as she was to mine.”
~Jennifer, Michigan

“I have *never* had a reading of any kind like this one. Iya and I spoke for 3 and a half hours. She answered every single question I had and did not move on until any uncertainties were clarified. She really took her time and I could tell she genuinely wanted me to be at peace with what she was telling me. Nothing she saw was inaccurate and I am taking her advice to heart. What she saw was actually in alignment with other readings I’ve had in the past (as recently as two days before this one). Thank you, Iya for alleviating my fears and answering my questions with honesty, clarity, and patience.”
~Amanda, USA

“This is to heartily endorse and testify that I have been in direct sales for over 30 years and for the past six years I have been using Iya Ekundayo’s preparations with dramatic results. I always noticed in the beginning that during the times when I ran out of these preparations, my sales would drop drastically, then when I resupplied myself, my sales would go up immediately.
She always has something new that she wants me to try and usually tucks in a little bonus!
Her tailored guidance to my specific requirements has greatly enhanced my sales performance. I strongly recommend her products for anyone in persuasion science and persuasion art, sales or otherwise.”
~D.W., USA

“What can I say! My reading with Iya was profound and straightforward. The details that were given about myself and significant other was a bulls eye. I’ve never in all my years had a 2hr, very informative reading, haha. That goes to show its not about the dollars. What I loved about Iya is she doesn’t sell products because money can buy them; and there are many workers that think contrary to that!! I loved the opening prayer before the reading although I couldn’t understand the dialogue, which is okay but it gave me a sense of peace and tranquility. She’s my “go-to” woman!!!”
~K.R., USA

“Iya is a very gifted lady. Speaking with her feels like you are talking to a trusted friend and adviser. I would highly recommend her services. I feel comforted that I was able to confide in her and she was able to communicate effectively with spirit and provided guidance. Thank you Iya. I am eternally grateful.”
~H., United Kingdom

“Now this will be the most accurate, fun and friendly person you will ever talk through. Her insight into situations and individuals is remarkable, extremely friendly and witty I had a good laugh on the way as well. Thank you and will definitely get in touch again soon.”
~Helena, Sweden

“My meeting with Iya was one of the best I have ever had. Iya is for real and I am a living proof of that. I was searching for a genuine reader to give me a direction in life and believe me I got burnt by many readers and charlatans and wanna be’s. This was the first reader I met in my life who was not vague not typical and like nobody I have ever met.I have to say I was in awe of her presence and the light she is blessed with. Iya is a traditional healer with skills in life coaching that are not learned from any book. She is the real deal. She is truly one of a kind very genuine woman with gifts of wisdom and genuine healing abilities. She is indeed a rare find and I am blessed to have met her because now I can think about what I really want to do with my life. Thank you Iya for giving me your honest guidance. I am truly blessed.”
~R., USA

“Amazingly insightful reading. May God and Orisa continue to blessed you. Without speak about anything before hand , FarinAde revealed thing about me, and why I sought the reading in the first place. It was like she actually witness my journey. She is thoughtfully caring in here approach and honestly speaks the truth about what comes to her. I was amazed and very thankful for what came through for me. I wish I could give more stars for my experience. I really can not say enough here. Before and after she continues to followup with you. So impressed. If your considering purchasing this service. I highly recommend it, you won’t be disappointed. Thank you again, Ekundayo for your kindness and generosity. May the spirits continue to walk with you aiding all those in need.”
~Jimmy, USA

“Such a warm and lovely person. I enjoyed receiving my ifa spirit medium reading from Iya, she went in depth about the questions that I had and would not stop until everything was answered causing my reading to go way beyond the two hours which I heavily appreciate , It was a pleasure to receive this reading I now have more pieces to fit to the puzzle. Iya is sincere and genuine and I rate her skills and personality highly. Excellent communication in the confirmation emails and Iya is very helpful with information. Much love from the UK
~J.J., U.K.

“In all the years of purchasing readings, I have NEVER had such an amazing experience. The care and concern, the time taken, she is phenomenal. She literally took 3 hrs to speak to me. I hadn’t had this type of reading before and she took the time to explain everything. It was beautiful and I received so much information, that I am still processing it, days later. If I could give her 100 stars, I would. Hands down, no question, I recommend this reading if you feel lost, needing answers, or help in general with life. She is THAT good.”
~M.Q., USA

Custom Package of Ifa Ewe Oogun for Protection Money Luck Blessings Psychic Aura Cleansing Favor and More
5 out of 5 stars
“Farin Ade is INCREDIBLE! I received my order within three days after it was shipped. All of the items were intact and packed with plenty of TLC. I also received some extra goodies , that I truly appreciate from my heart! This High Priestess is very serious, passionate and compassionate about her practice. For those of you that have been spiritually abused and tormented by those so- called “spiritual” monsters out there, you really should contact this Lady for help. Each item has a lable with instructions and numbered as well. During the preparation phase, Farin emailed me to let me know how my order was coming along, She is so supportive and answered all of my questions that I had about the contents of the package. I will write an update as the weeks progress. Thank you again Farin Ade , Ase, Ase, Ase!!”
~A., USA

“Momma Iya is a truly gifted woman!!!! I’ve been around and met and been spiritually, mentally abused by so called spiritualists, mediums and phony so- called Yoruba and palo priests! I have not slept in peace for over 10 years..I have dark circles under my eyes. I’ve been tormented by evil spirits SENT to me to kill me. I thank Oldumare , Olofi, The creator and my ancestors for Iya because she was the only priest that was courageous to tell me the truth! God bless all the Orishas! Exu gave me instructions because as Iya said I thought that there was no way out from my situation! Iya was straight forward and spot on EVERY subject regarding my case! All she asked for my first name and she TOLD me why i contacted her!! Iya is a loving , kind patient. PLEASE MAKE AN APPOINTMENT WITH IYA!!! YOU WONT REGRET IT! I LOVE YOU IYA!”
~D.F., USA

“Your readings are… ALWAYS….simply fabulous !!! I am a returning customer. If I need to make a decision or need to know something; You are my go-to-gal. You are worth every dime. You are the BEST !!!”
~M.M., USA

Ifa Protection Soap Yoruba Ose Dudu Remove Negative Energy Gain Favor
5 out of 5 stars
“Second time ordering! What a wonderful person and soap, very patient with family. Thanks for all you do!”
~A.M., USA

Spirit Consultation with Pomba Gira Spirit Reading, Spirit Medium,
5 out of 5 stars
“The consultation was wonderful. I had a session with Pomba Gira. She was accurate and her advice was correct and logical. Also she gave me directions on what to do. She was very insightful and touched my heart. Farin Ade is an excellent person and always willing to help with her indications and guidance. Thanks a lot !!!”
~D.K., Greece

“Iya Ekundayo has been a huge blessing to me. My reading was not only very accurate, but extremely thorough as she will put as much of herself and her time as she needs to in order to get you to a place where you leave the reading with a strong understanding of what can and needs to be done to influence the situation if necessary. She genuinely cares about you, and you can feel that. She is knowledgeable in the medicines and will make sure to get you exactly what you require. Don’t hesitate to turn to her if you need to. I highly recommend.”
~Z.Y. Amsterdam.

“Alafia and greetings to you Mama Iya!!! I want to thank you again for the most AMAZING, TRUTHFUL MAGICAL READING THAT I HAVE EVER HAD IN MY LIFE!! Iya ,you have no idea how much you have helped me! Thank you for being such a blessing to this world! I had a reading with you a few weeks ago and Exu and the Orisha and ancestors have been opening doors that were cemented shut after I had my session with you Iya! You are AWESOME!! THANK YOU AGAIN!”
~T.H. New York

“I always appreciate such an honest reading. This woman is the absolute best.”

“This was a wonderful experience and I would not hesitate to ever have another reading. A session filled with joy, harmony, love, guidance and support from beginning to end! I appreciate the length of time this reading required and never once felt rushed. Thank you!!”                     ~M.M. New York

Words cannot express the ACCURACY of this woman’s spirits and her true sacrifice of herself as a VESSEL for their Ashe and their words! A beautiful soul!”
~G. Atlanta, GA

“People like Ekundayo are very rare and precious gems that are a treasure to humanity. She truly has a heart for service to others unlike so many in this spiritual path. She doesn’t stop the reading after a certain time and say ‘time’s up’ like others I have encountered. She takes the time and goes the extra mile to make sure that every layer is explored and a true solution is found, not just a band aid to carry you over until you need another reading. I can’t describe how much she helped me to make a major shift in my life that has brought me tremendous inner peace and release. Words can’t describe how grateful I am for her help. I will definitely stay in contact with her. If past encounters with the old money-hungry, fear mongering, rip off ‘santeros’, and have left you disgusted, confused, and saddened, you will be truly refreshed and inspired at how much you are loved by the Orishas and spirits, and the depths of their kindness and compassion. Maferefun Obbatala and Oshun!”
~Kevin, Arizona, U.S.

“I wanted to say thank you for all of your help yesterday. After 15 years, I finally have the peace of mind and release from the past that I had been praying for. I know my partner and others picked up on the sadness inside me and that sense of my feeling incomplete and searching. Living with the war in my head was an incredibly heavy burden both spiritually and emotionally, and it was taking a toll on me mentally as well.I can now start the process of healing now that the war in my head, my heart, and my spirit is over. I can finally shine my light without fear and doubts, and I can be a blessing to those around me. Thank you for being a true spiritual guide. I could tell you were different when you talked about the time it takes for a reading and how we continue until everything is resolved. If I hadn’t found you, there is no doubt that I would have lost my relationship, and I would have ended up in a miserable spiritual state or worse.”
~K. U.S.

“I had heard of Ekundayo through a friend and was very interested in having a Spirit session with her. My experience during the session was amazing. To sit with the Spirits she manifests and receive their counsel, their healing, and their care and concern was such a tremendous gift and help in my life. What took place in my session continued to unfold in the days and weeks after the session. I believe because of the work done in the sessions my life went through some necessary shifts and changes. I have been to many types of healers and have had many shamanic experiences over the past 25 years, and I would say that my experience in the sessions I have had with Ekundayo brought some of the most profound insights and awakenings in my life. Ekundayo is the real deal. She does authentic and powerful work. I also had a cowrie shell reading which was also very useful and insightful. To have the opportunity to work with Ekundayo is a great honor.”
~Rita Baxter U.S.

“Over the course of more than 30 years I have received readings from many readers, mediums, spiritualists, shamans, etc. I am also a diviner myself and have been doing readings for over 25 years. The session I received from Ekundayo went far beyond my expectations. The wisdom that was imparted was very insightful and gave me much food for thought. I was allowed to see my own circumstances from an objective outside view, while simultaneously seeing them from my own egoic view. This created a much expanded view of my circumstances. I was able to see the microcosm and the macrocosm of the inquired about events of my life. Seeing things as they really are enabled me to let go of the disempowering thoughts, feelings, and emotions stored in long held memories colored by incorrect interpretations of my circumstances. I also received a lot of self-development homework to do which will definitely assist me in moving myself forward on my path and advancing my spiritual growth. Additionally, I received some very practical money making advice which I shall implement with much confidence of success. Overall, my session with Ekundayo was one of the most rewarding and enlightening counsels I have ever received. I will definitely go back for more. She is a gifted diviner, a compassionate healer, a practical counselor, and wise teacher.”
~W.W. Eugene, Oregon U.S
“Perfect in every way. Excellent guidance with love, kindness and grace. Thank you!
~M.M. New York, U.S.

“Ekundayo’s warmth and sincerity, coupled with her profound expertise in matters of the spirit and herremarkable intuition, are a palpable and powerful help to those who are in need of any kind of guidance.”
~R.H. New York, New York U.S.

“Whether she’s working through the cowries or directly with the spirits, Iya’s sessions do not fail to bring light to dark areas of your life, shake up stagnation, and open up new avenues for growth and development. No problem is too small or too great; through her, the spirits see what we need and initiate the shifts that will allow us to break through to the next level. This is destiny medicine. Be ready to evolve!”
~J.H.E. Portland, Oregon

“It’s been 3 years since I first asked Iya Ekundayo to read the cowry shells. I was really amazed with her interpretation and the way she explains the message sent to us. Since that time, I often look for her, not only as a friend but also as a medium which is always there to help, to warn, to give advice in a way that always respects our beliefs, our personality, our emotional and psychological state. The orisa never hide the truth or what we need to hear without giving support for us to go on in life when the “news” is not exactly what we expect, they know how to talk about our faults without hurting and encourage us to be better at whatever we need to improve. They always make clear that God’s wish is always the best for us.”
~Mrs. D. S., Malaysia

“Iya Ekundayo was for me a Discovery of what we are and what we can be. She helps me to see things not only in the material plane, but also to look for the spiritual, to see how I can rely more on myself than other people, how I can use the good will and energy of the orisa for the betterment of my life and self.Sometimes in life we need a person that is not a member of our family to take care of us, and to show us that there are good people besides our family circle, and Iya is one of them. Her throw of buzios is perfect and direct, her readings are not just a throwing of the buzios (cowry shells). She and the shells hold knowledge of the person and she is a helper to those who search for her. My life and attitudes are much better with Iya Ekundayo’s guidance.”
~K.A., Salvador, Bahia, Brasil

“Ekundayo, juntamento com seu mentor, Esu, tem sido de grande valia em várias decisões em minha vida, como também tem sido ambos acolhedores e atenciosos nos momentos de tensao que tenho tido no decorrer da minha jornada aqui na Terra. Ekundayo como uma boa amiga, que sempre a me escutar e dar risadas juntas, e Esu como a razão sábia da qual PRECISO ouvir, porém, nem sempre, o que eu QUERO ouvir. A imparcialidade que Esu exerce sempre me respeitou, não só como ser-humano, mas a dedicação que tenho pela minha religião. nunca contradisse no que diz respeito aos seus principios e o poder de Deus, nosso Criador e Criador de todas as coisas. A ética em que Ekundayo e Esu seguem, nunca me deixou dúvidas sobre a seriedade do trabalho e dedicação para com o próximo. Obrigada por toda atenção e cuidado que tiveram em cada consulta, em cada momento triste e feliz, sempre acompahando meus passos, meus erros, meus acertos…meu caminho.”
~J.R., Salvador, Bahia
Brasil Translation: “Ekundayo, along with her mentor, Esu, have been of great value in several decisions in my life, as well as both being protective and helpful to me in moments of tension that I have had during my journey here on Earth. Ekundayo, as the good friend who always listens to me and laughs together, and Esu with the wise reasoning that I NEED to hear, however, it’s not always what I WANT to hear. The impartiality with which Esu carries out his work has always respected me, not only as a human being, but also for the dedication I have for my religion. He never contradicts in what he says with regards to the principles and power of God, our Maker and Creator of all things. The ethics that Ekundayo and Esu follow, leave me no doubt about the seriousness of the work and the dedication to our fellow human beings. I give thanks for all the attention and care they have given me in each consultation, every moment sad and happy, always accompanying my steps, my mistakes, my successes… my path.”

“I had no idea that Iya could make something happen so fast. She made the work with Pomba Gira and the next day I had what I asked for.”
~V. L., Guatemala~(Please be advised that I cannot give any written or verbal guarantee for any work or the timeliness or effectiveness of any work, but I have many happy success stories. Iya Ekundayo)

“I went to see Iya Ekundayo to help find direction in my life. I ended up talking with Esu who told me I should travel to my ancestral roots in northern Finland where I would finally find connection with people and place. I was also told I would experience total peace and contentment when I got home. Everything Esu said came true and I now can ground myself in that peace because I know it exists in my soul.”
~Joe, United States

“You have been a good contribution for our life and help to solve our problems. I’m very thankful that I have met you. I’m glad that all our efforts with you were planned, we worked together and we are achieving the goals that we wanted. You have done a very good job with us Iyanifa; to see that all is going well with our family with all the help you gave, and now the best things are coming. I’m proud to have you as a friend and especially as a MAE DE SANTO!”
​~A. A.. Brasil

It is such great experience and blessing to receive the messages through the readings. Thank you!
~M. New York

I cannot say enough good things about Iya, her soaps and her readings. She is a very genuine person, dedicated to helping her clients. She is honest and will tell you what you need to hear, not what you want to hear. She answered all of my questions (big and small) and is always an email away if I need her. I thank the spirits for guiding me to her!! Ase!!
~D.M. US

Absolutely love these soaps! I’ve ordered 4 already. One for my mom, grandmother, husband and myself. The seller is such a pleasure to work with. She goes ABOVE and BEYOND..she gives you want you need!! Readings are spot on, very accurate. Most of all she is HONEST and a person that you can TRUST! (which is very hard these days) Thank you so much for everything you have done to help me and my family! Ase!!
~O.S. US

I adore this woman. She is authentic, warm, caring, and she tells it like it is. What sold me is that she insisted on a cold reading with no input or information from me and as the reading progressed she described in such great detail and accuracy key individuals in my life and events. She took the time to make sure she got a definite answer and cared enough to delve deeper until she was sure. She didnt rush or tell me time was up. She genuinely cares and the answer she gave me was very healing.

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