Spiritual Counseling

Iya EkundayoIfaKayode with Staff of IfaIfaMawindecowrie shell divination Ile-Ifa

With over 20 years of experience helping clients all over the world, I work as an Iyalorisa of the Xango tradition from Northeastern Brasil, and as Iyanifa of Yorubaland Nigeria. To bring you fresh insight, answers and solutions to many problems and questions in your life I use:

  • Cowrie shell divination (in English or Portuguese).
  • Spirit consultations as a spirit medium, either using Esu or the spirit guides of the Jurema Preta: Pai Joaquim, Pomba Gira Cigana, Mestre Malunguinho, Exu da Meia-Noite.
  • Hand-compounded ewe oogun (Ifa herbal preparations in different bases) to help restore inner and outer harmony in client’s lives.
  • On-site home cleansing and clearing of negative energies/trapped spirits and/or assistance long distance if the issue can be resolved in that fashion. Trust me, I’ve heard and seen alot of bad, crazy things – your concerns will be taken seriously and in confidence.
  • Orisa ebo offerings through cowrie divination or you are welcome to consult dafa/ikin/opele divination for guidance for your ebo/etutu through my husband IfaKayode and brother IfaMakinde, successful and respected Babalawos, Chief and Opemoluwa title holders in Agege Kingdom, Lagos, Nigeria.
  • The making of shrines pots and other orisa shrine needs, either in brasil diaspora tradition or Ifa.

Contact for details:  info@farinadeolokun.com

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I charge u.s. $180.00 for a 2 hour + consultation (I won't just say "time is up" at 2 hours). Longer readings going deeply into every area of your life, the charge is $300 for 4 hours (plus, if needed). If we are knee deep in something at the 2/4 hour mark, I will see it through to clarity. Most of my clients express live or in an email afterwards: "this was the best reading I've ever had in my life! You covered everything, I have no more questions left!" I receive wonderful emails over the months and years from clients who confirm that everything we spoke of in their divination came to pass, in one form or another. I put everything I have into uncovering all aspects of your life and allowing the divine to guide. With most diviners you will get, at best, an appetizer, I deliver the full course meal, and dessert.
Length of Reading :
Price: $180.00
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